JC Music Department's Newest Theme Song -

We Are JC
- Thanks to Project Director Mark Buza


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Other Theme Songs

Wildcat Fantasy
Welcome Again to a Brand New Day
In the Middle Of It All

     The Middle School was involved again in a school theme song project. The project began last spring when Mr. Mark Buza composed the song and then met with the Middle School staff to discuss the instrumentation for the backing tracks and asked for their input. Professional musicians from the area which included Mr. Tony Godoy, Mr. Paul Buza, and Mr. Mark Buza, recorded the instrumental tracks that served as the accompaniment.
     The song, “Welcome Again to a Brand New Day”, has debuted on the Middle School morning news and the final CD will be released in February.

     The finished project involved a total of 280 people and used 72 tracks. The recording project served as a learning experience for both students and staff and also helped to build community and fun. All the people who participated on the project have a better understanding of how a song is made from the early stages of composing and arranging through the recording process and then the final product – a CD.

     “Welcome Again to a Brand New Day” replaces another song Mr. Buza wrote for the Middle School two years ago. That song, “In The Middle Of It All” focused on the school's activities. His goal is to ultimately create a series of theme songs that can be used on a rotating basis.


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Mr. Mark Buza talk about the creation of "Wildcat Fantasy".



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