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   Thoroughly Modern Millie



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Act I

Act II

Scene One: Manhattan

Not For the Life of Me
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Not For the Life of Me (Reprise)

Scene One: Sincere Trust Insurance Company

Forget About the Boy
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
I'm Falling in Love With Someone

Scene Two: Hotel Priscilla

Group Playoff
How the Other Half Lives

Scene Two: Window Ledge

I Turned the Corner
Falling in Love (Reprise)

Scene Three: Laundry Room of Hotel Priscilla

Not For the Life of Me (Reprise)

Scene Three: 12th Floor Hotel Priscilla


Scene Four: Sincere Trust Insurance Company

The Speed Test

Scene Four: Cafe Society

As Long as I'm Here With You

Scene Five: 12th Floor Hotel Priscilla

They Don't Know

Scene Five: Muzzy's Dressing Room

Gimmie, Gimmie

Scene Six: New York City Street and Speakeasy

The Nut Cracker Suite

Scene Six: Cafe Society

Scene Seven:

Line Up / Tell it to the Judge

Scene Seven: Hotel Priscilla


Scene Eight: Jail

What Do I Need With Love

Scene Eight: Hotel Priscilla

The Speed Test (Reprise)
Ah, Sweet Mystery (Reprise)

Scene Nine: 12th Floor Hotel Priscilla

Hallway Scene

Scene Nine: Finale

Scene Ten: Penthouse of Muzzy Van Hossmere

Only in New York

Scene Ten: Bows

Scene Eleven: Terrace of Muzzy's Penthouse



Scene Twelve: 12th Floor Hotel Priscilla