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   Once Upon A Mattress



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Act I

Act II

Scene One: (Prologue)
Many Moons Ago
Opening For A Princess
In A Little While

Entr'acte (Orchestra)
Scene One:
Opening - Act Two

Scene Two:
In A Little While (Reprise)

Scene Two:
Happily Ever After

Scene Three: ( A few weeks later)

Scene Three:
Man to Man Talk

Scene Four:

Scene Four:
Very Soft Shoes

Scene Five:
The Swamps of Home

Scene Five:
Sliding Peter Jingle

Scene Six:
Spanish Panic No. 1

Scene Six:
Yesterday I Loved You

Scene Seven:

Scene Seven:
Nightingale Lullaby

Scene Eight: (The evening of the ball)
Spanish Panic No. 2

Scene Eight: (The morning after the ball)

Scene Nine:
Song of Love

Scene Nine: