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Grounds Department

Scott Fisher, Head of Grounds

144 East Maine Road • Johnson City, New York, 13790
(607) 763-1212
Fax (607) 763-1299

The Grounds Department takes part in the education of the students who attend the Johnson City Central School District in many ways.

We believe that a well maintained facility brings a sense of security for all students and staff. Having things well kept gives students the freedom enjoy the outside during their free time, it also give the teachers the option of teaching a class outside or holding their physical education classes outside.

The Grounds Department does not just maintain the grounds; we are a huge part of the District's athletic program. During the seasons where sports are held outside we take huge pieces of grass and turn it into the playing fields for practices and games which also provides learning experiences outside of the classroom. The Music Department also uses these fields for various activities.

The people who work on the Grounds Department work hard so that the students and staff can do the same each and every day.