Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “Our new constitution has an appearance that promises permanency, but in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”  There was obviously no way for him to know it at the time, but Mr. Franklin could have added to his list had he been able to gaze into the future to observe Johnson City athletics for the last 40+ years.  His new quote could have read, “But in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes, and the presence of John and Nancy Bruce supporting the Wildcats.”  True Wildcats through and through, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce have contributed countless hours and immeasurable energy and devotion to the Johnson City athletic program.

John and Nancy raised five Johnson City graduates: Mike, Pat, Kevin, Kim, and Todd.  They have attended Johnson City sporting events to cheer on their children and their grandchildren, but their loyalty to the Wildcats have extended their family to include thousands of other student-athletes over the years.  Realizing the need at the time for additional financial support of Johnson City’s athletic teams, John and Nancy were founding members of the JC Athletic Booster Club, and Nancy served as the club’s secretary for 20 years.  During their time with the Booster Club, John and Nancy helped to raise money that would be used to purchase championship jackets, send athletes on trips to competitions, and supplement any financial need that arose within the athletic department.

Although John and Nancy have volunteered their time at numerous different sporting events, their contributions to the sport of wrestling have been particularly noteworthy.  They have volunteered at wrestling events for over 40 years.  They have done scoring and timing at STAC and Section IV matches, cooked and sold food at concession stands, and provided transportation for wrestlers to and from tournaments.
Thankfully, the volunteer work that John and Nancy have done has not gone unnoticed.  They have been recognized by several organizations for their contributions.  In 2011 they were named the Volunteers of the Year by the New York State Wrestling Hall of Fame.  They have also received the Section IV Hall of Fame Service Award, the Years of Service Award from the Johnson City Booster Club, and the St. James Church Volunteer Award.

For the cheers no matter the result of the game, match or meet, for the spirit they have modeled for our student-athletes and community members, and for their unwavering commitment to the Wildcats, the Johnson City Athletic Hall of Fame is honored to welcome two contributors who continue to be certainties at our athletic events, Mr. and Mrs. John and Nancy Bruce.


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