Field Hockey


When the Title IX legislation was passed in 1972, opportunities for young women to pursue athletic interests became far more numerous than what previous generations experienced. With this newfound opportunity came the need for coaches to lead teams comprised of mostly inexperienced players. Janet Hoffer readily accepted this challenge and became a leader of the Wildcats’ female athletics programs of the 1970’s.

Ms. Hoffer taught physical education at Johnson City for over 25 years throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The challenges of starting female athletic teams and building the confidence and morale of the young women participating on these teams cannot be understated. Fellow Johnson City Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2012 entrant Nancy Kleinsmith nicely described this accomplishment:

“As a coach of three varsity level teams, Janet Hoffer had a significant part in the ‘awakening’ of athletics for girls in our area. In the early 70’s, the role of the young woman in sports was just beginning to change. Janet had a very important job…not just the coaching aspect, but one that defined the female athlete. She had to forge new ground to gain support from the school, community and the media and show that girls were also deserving of the same opportunities that existed for boys.”

Janet coached the Johnson City girls’ varsity volleyball team for 14 seasons from 1974 – 1988; the girls’ varsity field hockey team for 11 seasons from 1972 – 1983, and the girls’ varsity softball team for four seasons from 1972 – 1976. She enjoyed success with each of these teams, leading the volleyball team to the 1984 STAC championship, the field hockey team to the 1974 East Division and STAC championships, and the softball team to the 1976 STAC and Section IV championships. 

A coach’s success if often measured in the difference between the number of wins compared to the number of losses one accumulates over the course of a career. However, for coaches like Janet Hoffer, the measurement of success cannot be determined solely on wins and losses. Ms. Hoffer provided strong leadership to the young women of our district at a time when it was needed most, and the success she achieved as a teacher and a coach can be seen today through the strength of female athletics in our area. 

The Johnson City Athletic Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Coach Janet Hoffer, a true champion of female athletics and leader who made a difference in the lives of hundreds of young women lucky enough to be on her teams.


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