Dr. Edward “Doc” Farrell inarguably enjoyed the most successful professional baseball career of any Johnson City graduate.  Although high school records from nearly 100 years ago are lacking, Dr. Farrell made his mark at both the college and professional levels.
After leaving Johnson City, Mr. Farrell enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania where he began his collegiate athletic career on the football field in the falls of 1920, 1921, and 1922.  While playing on the varsity baseball team from 1923-1925, Mr. Farrell also played on a semiprofessional team in Oneonta.  Less than two weeks after his graduation from dental school in 1925, Dr. Farrell made his major league debut with the New York Giants on June 15, 1925.
After debuting with the Giants, Dr. Farrell became a well-traveled utility infielder for the next nine seasons.  He played for six different teams in his major league career: New York Giants (1925-27, 1929), Boston Braves (1927-1929), St. Louis Cardinals (1930), Chicago Cubs (1930), New York Yankees (1932-33), and the Boston Red Sox (1935).  His most successful season came in 1927 when “Doc” achieved a .316 batting average with 92 RBI in 152 games.  His exploits that season allowed him to finish in the top 20 in the National League MVP voting.  In 1932, while a member of the New York Yankees, Dr. Farrell earned a World Series Championship.  In addition to earning a World Series ring, being a member of the 1932 Yankees meant that “Doc” played on the team that still holds the record for the number of players who went onto the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown with nine.  Among those future Hall of Famers playing with “Doc” Farrell were the great Lou Gehrig and the most recognizable name in sports history, Babe Ruth!  In fact, according to Marvin Cohen’s book Doc Farrell’s Baseball Odyssey: Rubbing Shoulders with Greatness, Dr. Farrell played with 34 hall of famers and played for two hall of fame managers.

After his playing days ended in 1935, Dr. Farrell practiced dentistry near Newark, NJ; he passed away just days before his 65th birthday in December of 1966.

The Johnson City Athletic Hall of Fame is proud to posthumously welcome a native son who would go onto reach the ultimate possible heights for a professional baseball player, Dr. Edward “Doc” Farrell, JCHS Class of 1919.


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