JC Music Department Staff

Name Position
Mary Kay Roland Superintendent
Eric Race Assistant Superintendent
Joseph Guccia High School Principal
Robert Fauver Assistant Principal
Ryan Alo Assistant Principal
Julie Beard Coordinator of Music

High School

Group Director
Concert Band Mr. Tony Godoy
Mixed Choir Mrs. Jennifer Chudacik
Orchestra Mr. Andy Chadwick
A Cappella Choir Mrs. Jennifer Chudacik
Chamber Singers Mrs. Jennifer Chudacik
Jazz Ensemble I and II Mr. Tony Godoy
Marching Band Mr. Mark Buza and Mr. Tony Godoy
Sophisticats Mrs. Jennifer Chudacik
Musical Mrs. Jennifer Chudacik and Mr. Scott Fisher
Fine Arts Piano and Studio Piano Mrs. Julie Beard
Modern Band I and II Mr. Andy Chadwick and Mrs. Julie Beard
Music Industry Mr. Tony Godoy
Music Theory Mrs. Jennifer Chudacik

Middle School

Group Director
Middle School Band Mr. Peter Wall
Middle School Choir Ms. Danielle Sisson
Middle School Orchestra Ms. Cathleen Murphy
Jazz Band Mr. Peter Wall
Sophisticubs Ms. Danielle Sisson
General Music Mr. Alan Howell, Ms. Danielle Sisson and Mr. Peter Wall

Intermediate School

Group Director
Intermediate Band Mrs. Stephanie Godoy
Intermediate Orchestra Ms. Cathleen Murphy
4th Grade Chorus Mrs. Sue Christian
5th Grade Chorus Mrs. Ginny Sears
4th Grade Instrument Lessons Mrs. Stephanie Godoy and Ms. Cathleen Murphy
General Music K-5 Mrs. Sue Christian and Mrs. Ginny Sears